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Solutions for the hydrogen industry

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Hydrogen Competence for 20+ years

Within SK Group, we have been working with hydrogen in the context of compressors and high-pressure components for more than 20 years. In addition, we gain further experience and know-how through regular additions of entire teams of hydrogen specialists, from which our customers benefit on a daily basis. As a family-run company in its fourth generation, we understand the value of trusting, personal and long-term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. Lean structures grant us flexibility and agility, especially when it comes to people.

Specific Hydrogen Expertise

The companies in our group have specialized in individual products in core areas of the hydrogen industry: Water electrolysis and compressors to complete hydrogen refueling stations form the basis and are supported by H2 storage solutions (also for transport), H2 high-pressure components and extensive testing technology. With blended learning offers we provide the basis for future industry specialists. By focusing on a narrowly defined product range, we can quickly implement the necessary developmental steps in an efficient structure.

Hydrogen Energy through Combination

Our comprehensive hydrogen solutions cover a wide range of processes: from connection to the power grid to hydrogen generation, compression, transport and refueling or feed-systems. You can also rely on us for testing and certification of your hydrogen containers. By joining forces on projects, our companies can offer their customers comprehensive and technologically leading solutions and implement them out of one hand. The products can be combined and we aim to be a leading provider in each area.

Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

H2 Solutions to empower the Energy Transition


From the grid to the production of green hydrogen: ips-FEST’s power-boxes automatically adapt the power requirements to hydrogen-production and network perturbations. IPS-FEST Power-Boxes are highly efficient modular system solutions that have been developed especially for electrolysis purposes at extra low operating costs.


With power from renewable energy, we split water into hydrogen and oxygen: our PEM-electrolyzers come in modular concept containers of 2-5 MW, can be flexibly adapted to fluctuating power generation and be scaled up to >50 MW. They enable a highly efficient production of very pure hydrogen (4.0) and can also be provided as a turnkey solution for our customers.


Hydrogen to refueling station: Our interchangeable Vernconex containers can be loaded onto swap trailers and store up to 300 kg of hydrogen. This provides an extremely efficient and scalable logistics system for your hydrogen supply.

Maximator Hydrogen

Maximator Hydrogen is your partner for complete hydrogen filling stations with integrated compressors, storage, coolers and dispensers. Their leading technology and system solutions are readily available for refueling in a whole range of mobility applications.

Maximator Hydrogen

The MAX Dispenser enables the refueling of cars (pressure range 700 bar) and truck types (large volumes, 350 bar) within a very short time. It complies with the SAE J2601-2016 standard and provides excellent performance at competitive operating costs.


H2 The most flexible modular gas compression systems, specifically designed for hydrogen from 1kg/h - 20kg/h and up to 1,000 bar, which are driven electrically or pneumatically. Maximator offers modular, powerful and efficient "Plug and Boost Solutions" for integrators and applications (complete systems).

Maximator Veteq

As a spin-off of Maximator, Maximator Veteq has acquired decades of experience in the field of leak, burst and pressure load cycling testing with temperature control. Today, the company provides leading technology, testing and certification services for hydrogen vessel test equipment. Their plants are built to proof vessels of 350 to 700 bar pressure.

Maximator Veteq

Maximator Veteq develops and produces series test systems for hydrogen tanks, including mobility solutions (cars, trucks). Since 2023 the company has been operating as a spin-off unit of Maximator and as an independent company under the name Maximator Veteq, based in Iserlohn, Germany.


Maximator is a leading provider of high-pressure technology and develops, designs and produces components for hydrogen applications. The portfolio includes valves, fittings and pipes as well as compressor stations and panels.

SK Advanced Training Technologies

The "Hydrogen International Institute" of SK Advanced Training Technologies offers manufacturer-independent and practice-oriented further education and qualification solutions in the entire subject area of hydrogen.

Maximator Advanced Technology

Hydrogen technology for the whole group: our competence center develops innovative solutions for hydrogen applications. One example is the new MAX Compression 2.0 with Automatic Seal Exchange System, which carries out a seal change in the fueling system fully automatically and within three minutes. This significantly increases operational availability and can reduce service costs.


Turnkey hydrogen solutions for industry and mobility: Green H2 Systems enables the provision of green energy obtained from renewable resources – from the production, transport and storage of green hydrogen to the contracting and engineering of commercial hydrogen refueling stations. 

SK Group Companies in the H2 Industry

Maximator Hydrogen

Maximator Hydrogen is a leading supplier and developer of hydrogen refueling solutions and manufacturer of complete refueling station systems.

SK Group Companies in the H2 Industry


FEST develops advanced electrolysis technology and hydrogen infrastructures. Our expertise is based on extensive experience in the electrification, automation and digitalization of industrial processes.

SK Group Companies in the H2 Industry


Components, units and test stands for high-pressure applications - a specialist in hydrogen solutions for over 20 years.

SK Group Companies in the H2 Industry


Maximator Veteq develops and manufactures serial testing equipment for hydrogen tanks, including for mobility solutions (cars, trucks).

SK Group Companies in the H2 Industry

Advanced Training Technologies

ATT's “Hydrogen International Institute” (HII) offers practical training and blended learning courses that teach the fundamentals, technologies and applications surrounding hydrogen production, storage and use.

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Schmidt Kranz Group is a 4th generation family business with a focus on hydrogen, high-pressure technology, automation, mining and raw material processing. Today, with its many years of expertise, the group actively supports the energy transition in the context of hydrogen applications (filling stations and test stands) and generation (electrolysis).






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Realised Projects

Reference projects from our portfolio

AVIA H2 Refueling Station

St. Gallen, Switzerland

This first Swiss hydrogen filling station for buses has been in operation since 2020. Together with the Osterwalder Group, Maximator Hydrogen has already delivered 10 filling stations for the Swiss H2 filling station network, which primarily supply heavy-duty transport with hydrogen drives. 

CMB.TECH Multimodale H2 Tankstelle

Antwerp, Belgium

The first multimodal hydrogen filling station for CMB.TECH - an innovative technology developed and implemented by Maximator Hydrogen - was built in the port of Antwerp in 2021. In addition to trucks, buses and cars, ships can also be refueled with hydrogen there. 

Five Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Coop Mineraloel AG

Bern | Chur | Frisier | Dietikon | Frenkendorf, Switzerland

As part of its sustainability strategy for alternative energies, Coop Mineraloel AG has long been focusing on hydrogen as an energy source with high potential. As a founding member of the Swiss H2 Mobility Association, Coop Mineraloel AG has set itself the goal of further expanding the Swiss network of hydrogen filling stations. Maximator Hydrogen has been supporting Coop Mineraloel AG in this project since 2020 and has already installed five systems with the company. The company is thus making an important contribution to the security of supply for hydrogen vehicles in Switzerland - and at the same time pointing the way towards sustainable mobility.

Schwab Guillod

Müntschemier, Switzerland

Maximator Hydrogen realized the first private hydrogen filling station in Switzerland for the Swiss fruit and vegetable specialist Schwab-Guillod. The Swiss SME relies on 100% natural resources, also when it comes to transport and has even made its filling station available to other drivers of hydrogen-powered cars and trucks. 

Stadtwirtschaft Weimar

Weimar, Germany

On contract to Stadtwirtschaft Weimar, Maximator Hydrogen opened its first hydrogen filling station in its own state in 2023 as part of the Goethe city's pioneering transportation project. Following a period of around 10 months of intensive collaboration, the go-ahead was given for the state-of-the-art hydrogen filling station to supply three zero-emission hydrogen buses.


Rothenburg |Schötz| Zofingen, Switzerland

Maximator Hydrogen designed and produced three hydrogen filling stations in the center of Switzerland for AGROLA in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Maximator Hydrogen supported the founding member of the "H2 Mobility Switzerland" association with reliable infrastructure and, together with its partner AGROLA, actively promotes the development of a commercial hydrogen cycle in Switzerland. The hydrogen filling stations are operated by LANDI Zofingen (Zofingen), LANDI Sempach-Emmen (Rothenburg) and LANDI Luzern-West (Schötz). The network is constantly being expanded. Sempach-Emmen (Rothenburg) sowie der LANDI Luzern-West (Schötz) betrieben. Das Netz wird laufend erweitert.

Infraserv Höchst

Industry Park, Frankfurt

5 MW PEM Electrolyser (2 x 2,5 MW)

  • Outdoor facility, hydrogen 5.0
  • Backup supply for the refueling of regional trains

Infraserv Höchst

Industry Park, Frankfurt

2,5 MW PEM electrolysis system by iGas energy 

  • Outdoor facility, hydrogen 5.0 
  • Stack qualification, participation in primary balancing energy market

Miory, Belarus

Manufacturer of steel thinplate

 Hydrogen power for annealing processes 

  • 500 kW PEM electrolysis system
  • Designed by iGas energy, developed by FEST
  • Outdoor facility, hydrogen 5.0

Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH

3 MW Electrolyzer

Wiener Hydrogen GmbH ordered a plant with a capacity of 3 MW to produce hydrogen for city buses with fuel cell electric drive.

Strandmöllen AB, Sweden

3 MW Electrolyzer

Strandmöllen AB, a Danish gas supplier, uses the electrolyzer to fill cylinder bundles and trailers for various customers in Ljungby, Sweden.

AWG Wuppertal

2-MW Electrolyser

To expand the hydrogen production for AWG, the waste management company in Wuppertal, FEST planned and implemented a 2 MW plant to generate green hydrogen used for the refueling of regional public transport buses. A special feature: in this "Wuppertaler Model", the green hydrogen used for the refueling of the city's buses is produced from energy surpluses at the regional waste-to-energy plant. 

  • 2 MW plant (limited to 1 MW during stage 1)
  • Platform system with 2 stacks
  • 2 containers, IGBT rectifier (Emotron), cooling and refrigeration unit
  • General contractor, compressor and high-pressure accumulator as well as a fuel pump for refueling the local bus fleet (300 bar)

Turneo GmbH, Oldenburg

2 MW Electrolyzer

With an output of 2 MW, this plant, in combination with a compression plant in Cuxhaven, fills so-called MEGCs (Multi-Element-Gas-Containers). The first user is a supply ship from the Mittelplate platform with fuel cell electric propulsion. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the second quarter of 2023.

Norwegian Hydrogen AS, Norway

3 MW Electrolyzer

Norwegian Hydrogen will install a complete hydrogen filling station with electrolysis in Hellesylt on the Geiranger Fjord, where mobility must be emission-free by 2025, for ship and truck refueling. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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Training and education programme for assembly and maintenance personnel

Development of optimised and automated processes and standards for the assembly of large-scale electrolysers. The project results will demonstrate the possibilities of using intelligent assembly and installation of electrolysers to form a large-scale electrolysis system and to prepare for plant engineering dissemination and widespread use of various configurations, including those from different manufacturers. 

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